Soft Gallery, established in 2007 by the creative duo Barbara Hvidt and Tine Holt Møller, creates poetic luxury children’s clothing where artists from all over the world bring every item, a soft canvas, to life. Every season Soft Gallery collaborates with both local and international artists, converting the season’s theme into prints and hand embroideries, giving each individual collection an organic flow of new beautiful impulses and variations. Soft Gallery strives to bring the art to the eye level of kids and to pass on wonderful and inspiring stories.

Our clothes are luxurious and contemporary with an added artistic twist. We place great emphasis on high quality materials and comfortable silhouettes. Our designs are honest, timeless and personal.
We use balanced colours and remarkable details to create the most unique items. We design with our intuition. Everything we put into Soft Gallery spring from our hearts, and our wish is to share something special.

Barbara Hvidt and Tine Holt Møller shaped the first ideas of Soft Gallery as an international platform for art and clothing, while the creative due lived, studied and worked in London. Today Soft Gallery is based in Copenhagen - Denmark, and has its roots in the Scandinavian notion, yet with collaborations from all over the globe.

// Børsen Gazelle, 2014.
// Junior Design Award, 2014,
   Designer Fashion Brand of the Year – Highly commended.

Tine is 43. Together with her husband, photographer Simon Ladefoged, she has two kids; Ida, 8
and Norman, 12. She graduated with a master from Royal College of Art women’s fashion in 2000.
Tine has worked for several design companies before the beginning of Soft Gallery.

Barbara is 40. Together with her husband, Film Director Jan Gleie, she has two kids; Nola, 8 and Siggi, 11. She graduated from London College Of Fashion in 2001, with majors in Photography & Styling.
Barbara lived and worked in London for 10 years within fashion. When time allows it, Barbara is also part of a directing/photography duo with her husband.

Barbara and Tine met in London, during the first years of their studies. As Barbara photographed Tine’s master degree collection from Royal College of Art during her own studies at London College of Fashion, the beginning of a close creative friendship and partnership took shape.

Since the beginning Soft Gallery has been in constant growth. The team has become bigger, the collaborations broader, the collections and the places where Soft Gallery can be found are constantly expanding. Soft Gallery is now represented in 32 countries over the world


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